How to plan your vacation

Hello! How is everyone doing?
It’s getting cold recently and everyone is in Christmas mood. Besides planning your Christmas presents for your friends and family, it’s the time when you think about your holidays. Working from home with your own schedule of course means that you are able to adjust your own available time. Today I would like to introduce you to the steps how to adjust your schedule in case of longer vacations.

Many students like to have lessons during the holidays and book free slots of the teachers weeks and months before. Therefore it is important to adjust your schedule as soon as you know about changes due to vacations.


Step one: Keep your vacation in mind when setting your first schedule

When you open your weekly available slots when you built your schedule for the first time, you can already delete the available time for your Christmas or Summer vacations in advance. So if the students book weekly lessons, your vacation won’t be booked.
Of course you always can go back and add or delete other times if your plan changes.


Step two: Delete available time, even if slots are already booked
When you already have a stable schedule and weekly students, your vacation time might be already booked. However, you still can delete your available time for the whole day, so other time slots cannot be booked. Sometimes students also cancel their lessons. If you have deleted your available time already, other student cannot book the newly open time slot. In this case, viewer lesson cancelations are necessary.


Step three: Cancel already booked slots
You decided on your vacation days but you have already lessons booked. Of course you don’t have to cancel your vacation plans. However, for any cancelation of already booked classes you need to contact us. Please contact us as early as possible in advance, so the cancelation doesn’t cause any inconvenience for students and they can book lesson with other teachers.


Adjusting your own schedule if very convenience, however it comes in hand with responsibility on the teachers side as well. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding your schedule, please contact us at any time. The earliest the better. Also please keep in mind to contact us in case your schedule changes dramatically, for example if you are not able to teach for longer than 1 month
If your lessons are already booked, the cancelation process takes a lot of time. Therefor the best method is to adjust your available time as soon as you know about changes.

We hope you have a relaxing Christmas time.

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