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Currently we accept the teachers who understand Japanese OR live in Japan now.

*We will check the Japanese skills in the interview( the high level is not mandatory).

Because most of our students feel comfortable, if teachers can do.

We hope you understand it.

If you like, In order to protect your privacy, you don’t need to send us the following information:
– Phone number
– Detailed address
– Certifications copies
(You are encouraged to mention your achievements in your resume, however it is not necessary to send the copies to us as attachments. Just the CV is fine.)

If you have a YouTube recording of yourself, please let us know the URL. It can be a video or just an audio recording of your voice.
This can help to decrease the screening time, and you may be able to skip the first interview for checking your accent and pronunciation.
(If you prefer to upload only for Ecom (not for public access), you can use the limited access mode on YouTube and let us know the URL.)

Hiring Process

1. resume-screening

2. First interview

3. Second interview

4. First short demo lesson

5. Second short demo lesson

Full fledged Ecom teacher!

Even if you don’t hear from us, please don’t be disappointed. Applicants that are not contacted within 5 days of their application are are welcome to reapply 6 months after their original application.


Please be aware that we receive hundreds of applications every week and are unable to respond to all applications. We hire only the most highly qualified teachers.

Who are in charge of HR?

*The following person is currently in charge of screening resumes and the 1st interview. – Elena.

*The following person is in charge of the 2nd and 3rd interview. – Mr.Katsu Narita (Japanese). Blog

*One of the check points to find excellent teachers in demo lessons:

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

(William Arthur Ward)