Ecom Top-Paid Teacher 1

Today let us introduce the teacher with the highest salary at Ecom,

so you can easily imagine the Ecom working style.

Profile of the Top Teacher at Ecom:

– Nationality: American

– Language of Instruction: English

– Location: USA

– Gender: Male

– Working at Ecom: 10 years (as of 2017)

– Teaching Experience: Many years of experience including those before Ecom


– Payment: Around 4,500 USD/month plus yearly bonus

(It is not a fixed amount and varies in accordance with student reservations.)


– Working time example:

The available time is set to Mon through Fri: 5 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the afternoon,

the student reservations add up to about 70 percent of the time and the rest of the time can be used freely. (Deadlines for reservations are 12 hours in advance)


– Impressions:

About 80% of teachers work for Ecom, as a second job, however left 20% of teahers includingthis teacher works only for Ecom.


He once mentioned, that he starts a new notebook for each new student and writes down the things that he observed in class about the student.

(He also seems to be using this method in combination with the Class-memo column in the Ecom system)


Probably, the two main secrets of his popularity is that he treats each student with careful attention and that there are no major changes in his daily schedule.


We can say that, if there are often changes in the teacher’s schedule, the students might loose their motivation, since it makes it more difficult for them to make a reservation, and as a result, many students hesitate to make another reservation and finally stop learning.


Another important point is that this teacher leads classes from a stable location in the US.

Before there were a few instructors as popular as this teacher, but because their location was transferred to certain Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, where the local internet connection and electric power supply are not good, the quality offered by their lessons remarkably decreased, so many students stopped taking their classes.

Although, it is possible to teach online from anywhere in the world, we think that in order to obtain high quality, it should be done in one’s own country where you feel at home, or in a developed country with a stable environment.


What do you think?

We hope to let you know about Ecom employment atmosphere prior to starting working with us.

We are looking for teachers, who can become prominent partners working with us for long-term.

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One thought on “Ecom Top-Paid Teacher

  • Edy Kizaki

    This is a very helpful article and it encourages me to think I can teach for Ecom. The hints are great, such as creating and keeping to a stable schedule and having a good strong internet connection. These are things quite possible for me. Thanks for this article and to Mr. Top Teacher for sharing the secrets of his success with those hopeful of emulating him!