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Ecommunication General information:

Our language educational services

1. One on One Online language lessons

User: Mainly Japanese business people who have success in society.
* We start this service since March 2005 as a pioneer.

2. Vocabulary learning application “Langury

It is made for the language learners who are lack of vocabulary. And this software is made by the idea of “Direct method”.

3. Learning contents on YouTube

We makes useful language learning videos for free.


Ecom is an online school with an extensive experience of providing language education.

Our office is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Bursting with energy of youth, the nearby streets are always filled with crowds of students from different countries, which creates a perfect spot for culture exchange, language learning, and international communication.

We are proud to be an involved part of this exciting community while strongly focusing on modern technology and IT.

Our motto is:

“To create an organisation that generates innovation in the world through the education industry”

Currently the majority of Ecom customers are Japanese business people and students.

However, we are hoping to be able to provide services of language learning and cross-cultural communication  to people worldwide in the nearest future.