Online Spanish Teacher (home-based)

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Title                  Online Spanish Teacher (home-based)

Location          Home Based

Job Type         Part Time


With our school, you can teach students one on one from the comfort of your own home using a web-cam and microphone. This position is also part-time, which allows you to earn extra experience and income in addition to your regular work.

Furthermore, we have

  • English speaking staff standing by during lessons to offer support to teachers if they have any questions or concerns
  • an interactive, highly developed web community that allows you to check and update your schedule, check student information and interact with other teachers, staff and students
  • a variety of textbooks and teaching materials to enhance the quality of your lessons
  • evaluations for each season where our students let you know what they think, providing useful feedback to improve the quality of your lessons and teaching. All our existing teachers are also highly trained, professional and highly skilled

Since our student profile is mainly 30s-50s Japanese businessman. We prefer candidates who are

  • available at weekdays morning 05:00-08:00 and/or evening 20:00-24:00 and weekends (Japanese time)
  • experienced in teaching business Spanish
  • experienced in helping students to prepare for public examinations


Our ideal candidate should have the following requisites:

  • 2 years teaching experience is required
  • Business experience is required
  • Bright Personality, Punctual, Responsible
  • Dele test specialist teachers are welcome
  • Can provide approximately 20 hours availability a week (from your home)
    * Able to follow a set schedule strictly as compromised is a MUST
  • Current teachers are welcome

Our Offering

  • USD 12-16 / hour (or JPY1,600-2,000 / hour when residence in Japan)
  • Additional bonus may be given once a year
    *Payment by Paypal or Bank transfer (conditions apply)

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It’s no surprise that by working for Ecom, your skills as a teacher would also improve through working and interacting with our materials, students, staff and fellow teachers. Working with us can be a valuable experience to supplement your career.