Chrome Book for Online Lessons


What type of computer do you usually use?

Are you a Windows? Mac? Tablet or smartphone user?
Ecom teachers are required to use a keyboard and multitasking device for online lessons.
That’s the reason why smartphones and tablets are prohibited for online lessons.

Have you heard about Chrome Book?

If you want to buy a brand new PC now, I recommend the choice of Chrome book devices instead of Mac or Win.
Produced by Google, Chrome books are spreadably used in the education field.
Good points compared to other devices.
– Reasonable price (around 150 – 600 USD)
– High security
– Has a keyboard
– Quick response


Bad points compare to other devices.
– Can be used only with internet connection
– Can be used only for basic matters (web browsing, Email, Skype, etc)
– Can not use Microsoft Office (can use google docs spreadsheets, etc)
– The files can be saved to only the cloud server instead of HDD.
– The design is not so sophisticated compared to Mac.


Chrome book had been released from 2010, and it has been on the market for six years.
The biggest three reasons that I strongly recommend the device is
– Skype software can be used in Chrome device from 2016.
– Cheap
– High security

If you have already planned the budget around 1000 USD for a brand new PC,
why not considering the Google Chrome books?

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