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Hello everyone,

I’m Olfa with Ecom.

Today I wanted to share with you a few Skype tips you might find useful, whether you’re using Skype for your lessons of in a private way.

Skype is really a great tool for instant communications, that’s why we’re working with Skype for our lessons, and we’re all very satisfied 🙂
But especially due to the fact it has a huge number of functionality, it might be useful once in a while to try to see if we know them all!
Here under, some of the many features one might not know about but that can simplify and enrich your Skype experience!

1- You can edit your text after posting it.

This one might sound normal for some of you, not for others, but this is anyway one of the Skype functionality you might wanna use the most as an online teacher.

No one is spared from mistyping a word and being able to edit it, so you don’t have to explain to your student that the above spelling is wrong and probably get him confused is really priceless. And usually communication tools that consider messages like emails won’t allow you to change the content of a post after sending it.

To edit a post:

With your PC > Right clic on your text > choose Edit > Edit your text > Press under

With your Mac > Look for a down directed triangle on the Right of your text > clic on it and choose Edit > Edit your text > Press under


You don’t always wanna let a mistake shown and explain to your interlocutor this wasn’t what you meant to say, hope you’ll find a use to this next time you’ll find yourself in that case.

As you can imagine, there is a time limit to edit your posts, after 60 minutes you won’t be able to edit it anymore.

You can also use the same feature to delete your texts!
Hope this could have helped you,

I’ll be back with more tips soon 🙂



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