Having lessons during Japanese Holidays

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We have many teachers asking us, when the students are most likely to book lessons.
Since most of our students are Japanese businessman, the rush hour of lessons are the Japanese mornings ( 5.00 am till 8.00 am) as well as Japanese evenings ( 6.00 pm till 1.00 am) as well as the whole day during the weekend. However, the students also like to book on Japanese holidays.

There are three major vacation times in Japan.

1) Golden Week: Usually at the end of April and beginning of May, around 1 week
2) Obon: Usually in the middle Of August, sometimes in September as well
3) New Year: Usually the last days of December and first days of January

Besides those above mentioned holidays, Japan has a lot of public holidays.

You can have a look at the calendar for 2016. The red circles are public holidays, the screen circles are the above mentioned major vacation time.


During those days, many of our students want to use their free time to focus on classes. Since the Japanese holidays differ to holidays abroad, you can work on those days without working on holidays.

If you have any questions about lesson time, please let us know at any time.

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