What is a class memo and how to write a good one?

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Today I wanted to talk about the class memos.

They’re a pretty important part of the lessons as you know, at Ecom you can use the last 5 minutes of your lesson time to write a review of your lesson.

This actually isn’t that far from a normal lesson review but at Ecom we’re using the class memo system to count the points we’re going to attribute to the teachers. So that is why we’re putting a lot of effort into them.

About our system:

  • You’re able to us the last 5 minutes of your time to write a review of your lesson -> So you don’t use your personal time to write a class memo outside the lesson time
  • You should write the class memo within 48 hours.

-> We ask to write them no more than 2 days after the lesson so the student doesn’t forget the content of your lesson.

About the content:

  • We advise our teachers to write their class memos according to a certain pattern but they’re very free to do it their own way.

What should be in the class memo:

① 1 or 2 lines about the content of your lesson. This is aimed at the next teacher who would teach after you so they know from were to start again. But it can also simply be for you so you can remember your last lesson before teaching again.

->  Ex: “Free conversation”, “## Textbook from Page # to #”

② The next and biggest paragraph is for your student, it should start with a greeting. The reason for that being that your student will receive and thus read the class memo like an email you send him personally. That would be nice then to start writing the same way you would write them an email.

③ Write them as many corrections as you can, should it be vocabulary, spelling mistakes, unnatural sentences they’ve used during the lesson. The class memo is for them the “conclusion of your lesson” so you should really emphasize the corrections of the mistakes they did during the lesson.

What you can do:

➡️ If you can speak it, you can use the student’s mother tongue to write (we do not advice that during the lesson, but for the class memo this would help if you can)

Exemple below !

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