E-com Teacher’s Attitude

Hello everyone.
This is Julia with Ecom. We are always looking for new teachers to join our team. You are thinking about joining us? Great!
Who are we looking for?-We are looking for teachers with a certain mind set and high motivation.

It is vital that our teachers are professional. We are very selective with who we hire and only very few individuals make it through our resume screenings and interviews. Maybe you can be one of them?


We are looking for teachers who can obtain following standards with Ecom.

  1. Be punctual.We cannot stress the importance of punctuality enough. Teachers MUST be on time for their classes. Unexplained absences are strictly prohibitted. If cancellations need to be made, you should always try to give us at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations within 24 hours prior to the lesson start time are severely frown upon and penalties will be applied. We also ask that teachers stick to their regular schedules as much as possible. We ask that teachers avoid cancelling lessons and changing their availibility as much as possible.
  2. Get the student to speak as much as possible and correct their errors.Generally, students take part in your classes in order to be able to speak with native speakers of the language that they are studying. Teachers should let students speak for approximately 60% of the duration of the lesson, while teachers should only speak for about 40% of the time. Although theses percentages may change depending on the students’ ability, always try to give the student plenty of opportunity to talk. Furthermore, most students expect teachers to correct their mistakes, so please try to point out and correct students’ mistakes as much as possible. Lessons are not meant to just be small talk, they are meant to be a chance to learn. Teachers are also greatly encouraged to make the most of the Skype chat function and type up mistaken utterances and corrections during the lesson. Students also greatly appreciate this and find it very useful when reviewing after their lessons.
  3. Observe the rules and co-operate with the Ecom staff members.We are working together towards the same goal, that is, to improve students’ language skills. We need your co-operation in order to accomplish this goal. Let’s work together in order to provide excellent service for our students.

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