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Hello everyone. This is Julia from Ecom.  How are you doing?
It is getting right hot recently in Japan and the hardest worker in Japan is the air conditioner (sorry for my bad joke…).

In our recent posts our staff member and teacher Olfa told you what our school is like behind the scene. How to stay motivated, about our evaluation system as well as useful advices to our communication tool Skype.
But today I would like to introduce you a method to present yourself to our audience, the students themselves.
Since the students don’t choose their teachers just by language, but also by their (university) major as well as hobbies and interests, it is necessary for our teachers to get in touch with the students to be able to introduce themselves before starting with classes.  Of course that can be done by simply introducing the teachers with pictures and short self-descriptions on our blog site. However, Ecom decided to ask every teacher to prepare a short video message for the students.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a Youtubestar to prepare an appealing video.

☆Before recording:

– Choose your camera. Every type of video camera is okay ( digital camera, smartphone, video camera). Please make sure that your camera of choice has a high picture resolution as well as a clear sound. Also please make sure your camera is on a stable underground, so that the movie is not shaking.

-Make a short list what you want to share with your future customers. This might include:
– Your first name (full name is not necessary),
-Your country of origin and languages you speak ,
-Working and teaching experiences, including how long you have been teaching, the ages you can teach,
-Majors of teaching (Business English, English for kids, preparation class for language exams)
– Your interests and hobbies,
-Other language abilities besides your native tongue.

☆While recording:

-Try to stay within 1 min,
-We don’t ask you to wear suits, but please make sure that your clothing is appropriate and you have a clean background,
– Speak clear (not necessarily slowly), since some of our students are total beginners. You can use the language you are aiming to teach for self-introduction as well as English, if you teach more languages with Ecom, you can have several introduction videos in a different language each,
-and keep smiling.

☆After recording:

-Please review your video before sending it to us and check the above mentioned points,
-Do you feel comfortable with your recorded video? Since it will be uploaded on our Youtube channel as well as on our student page, you should feel ok with the info you shared. If you feel uncomfortable you can leave out some information as well,
-Send the video to us per e-mail or Skype, finished!

Let me give you an example how your video could look like. This is one of our students’ most favorite teachers, Elizabeth:

She nearly includes all the necessary information that might interest the student as well as telling them what she can do for them to have a successful class.
If you pass our screening and we can welcome you as a new member of our teaching staff, we will ask you to prepare a short video. I hope the above mentioned information can help you preparing your introduction video.

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