A Staff Blog to let you know who is behind the computers.

Hello everyone!

You might know it well if your working for an online school or any similar service,

Teachers know Students, Students know teachers, but neither really know who is exactly working in the office.
We might know a few names thank to an email, or when someone picks up our call, but we never get to speak much, isn’t it?

That’s why at Ecom, we’re having beside the common “Communities” where everyone an share freely,

a Teacher blog, a Student blog….and a Staff Blog!

The Staff Blog helped us, not only to get known by students and teachers, but also to know them, thanks to the comments etc…

That’s also very nice to be able to step out of work and be able to write about our everyday life, what we like and who we are 🙂

Here… Max made us try some “Vegemite” out (yes he’s from Australia!) and pictured our expressions. Such an….experience ! 😛


I myself wrote about a very nice Japanese festival I’ve participated to.


Are you familiar with blog? What do you like writing about?
See you!

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