Teaching English through videos.

Dear Teachers,


How is your summer going?

Probably you’re in Asia and you’re experiencing the rainy season as we do here in Japan.
Well, isn’t it the best time to stay home and watch some videos?

But why didn’t we make our time worth it by watching to some useful YouTube videos ? 🙂
Here at Ecom, teachers are contributing to our Ecom Youtube channels to help students improve their skill even after their lesson, while watching free videos on the internet.
We’ve having channels beside English, for French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and many other languages.
For each language we tried to introduce many aspects of the language, but Cultural talks and Geographical talks, and as for the language itself, The Business vocabulary, Useful idioms and expressions, love Idioms, Slang etc…


Do you guys have yourself a YouTube channel, and if so what content did you though worth introducing to the online community? Having your personal channel is for sure loads of fun too!
Let us know 😉

Take care

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