How to efficiently work from Home with Ecom

Hi everyone,

This is Olfa again and I hope you’re doing all fine.

Today I wanna share with you a few tips about working remotely.

As you may know, at Ecom all of our teachers have their houses as their workplace and work with us, online, through Skype.

It is a way for us to have be able to hire teachers from all around the world and to let them manage their schedules 24 hours a day. As well as it makes possible, in the same way, to offer those services to students 24 hours a day, worldwide. Beside the high trust we have in our teachers, our Ecom “Before and After Class” System makes it really easy, convenient and effective to follow up the lessons provided.

So today, based on our work system, I’ld like to present your 5 of the most important tips and habits to keep for more happy and fruitful remote working.


1- Love your desk.

Your desk is going to be your everyday workplace, your remote office, you have to be prepared being in front of it for hours, happily. For that there’s no better way than to love it, to care for it,  to make it your favorite place. Get yourself a very nice chair. Brighten the place, help your back, your eyes not to get tired quickly and put an extra burden on you. Don’t hesitate to put pictures, to decorate you, as long as it doesn’t distract you, simple decorations won’t. Make yourself wanna stay in that place for a long time. Make it a happy place for you and it will show through you work.

2- “Separate” your desk from the rest of your house.

You don’t need to set up a wall, of course, the connection between your desk and your house being the main point of working from home. But to be efficient you have to create yourself a “working atmosphere” that can’t be reached if your house’s distractions are all around. Make sure being on your desk leaves no room for distractions, a TV, music, people talking in the background will surely end up catching your attention and breaking up your concentration.

3-Relax before and after work.

Your work will need you being “fully” available. Starting in a rush and leaving in a rush will usually leads to no good, in terms of quality as well as in terms of weariness. Relax before starting your lessons and get fully prepared for that. If you usually like to have some snacks during work, don’t think that working from home will allow you to run prepare yourself  snack in the kitchen between two lessons. Prepare them before and keep it close to you, you’ll eat it at your ease when you’re hungry. Don’t compel yourself thinking about things you don’t need to for your work, don’t put extra things on your mind. At the opposite, prepare everything you can prepare in advance and rest enough before starting your task with 100% of your energy and concentration.

Hope this was helpful to you,

I’ll be back with more advice soon.


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