Our English teaching Team

Ecom is well known in the industry for the high quality of our lessons. This is thanks to the hard work of the experienced professionals that teach with us. We have a rigorous application process and only hire the most qualified applicants. This ensures that our students receive the best possible learning experience.

See below to meet some of our current teachers, and read comments posted by students.

lauraTeacher Laura:

Lived in Japan for over 14 years and has lots of experience of teaching English as a second language. Laura has taught English to students of all ages and abilities. She can help students to prepare for the EIKEN and TOEIC, as well as teaching English conversation. As Laura has travelled extensively and lived in other countries she can help students to learn the English they need if they are planning to study or travel abroad.

She has been lucky enough to live in large cities and very rural areas. She’s got used to life in Japan now and knows about Japanese culture and customs. As she is studying the language Laura can understand what areas are difficult for students and can give them advice on how to improve their fluency, as well as suggesting enjoyable ways to improve their reading and listening skills and build their vocabulary.


Laura really enjoys hearing about other people’s interests and experiences and hopes students will feel comfortable chatting to her.

Her Major in University was  Fine Art, so she is interested in visiting museums and galleries. She also enjoys horse riding, yoga, jogging and hiking and, of course, travel.

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elizabethTeacher Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is an American who was born and raised in Georgia. She currently lives in Mexico with her husband and two doggies. She has been teaching ESL for five years, working with both Japanese students as well as Mexican students. In the last five years, she has helped Japanese students prepare for the TOEFL , TOEIC, and EIKEN exams. She has also helped students write university applications,  prepare for important job interviews and presentations, revise speeches for international conferences, and complete other professional tasks requiring the use of English.  Some of her students have moved to English speaking countries while studying with Ecom, and Elizabeth has been happy to help them in their transition by providing classes suited to the individual needs of each student. Elizabeth teaches both business and conversational English, and is happy to incorporate many topics into class discussion, with the goal of making each class different and exciting.


Elizabeth really enjoys learning about other cultures, and hopes to learn from students’ stories and experiences. She believes English is one of the greatest tools of international communication, and hopes to promote awareness related to the importance of inter-cultural dialogue and a sense of mutual respect between cultures. Elizabeth enjoys music, art, yoga, cooking and reading.

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matthewTeacher Matthew:

From California, USA. Lived in Japan for three years.
After his completing his Bachelor degree in 2004, he took an intensive course in TESOL to allow him to achieve his dream of teaching English overseas. After finishing the TESOL course, he moved to Japan where he started teaching English as a second language. Drawing on his past experiences, he makes lessons which are beneficial and enjoyable for students. He can help students prepare for the TOEFL,IELTS and GMAT as well as teaching General and Business English.

Matthew has since returned to the USA where he continues his passion of teaching and learning new things. Matthew enjoys Music and traveling.

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matthewTeacher Matthew Mc:

Currently resides in Buffalo, NY after living in Japan for more than 5 years. He has been teaching English for over 6 years to students of all ages and all levels. He has experience teaching TOEIC, TOEFL and EIKEN. He also teaches business and conversational English. His goal when teaching is to connect with students through their interests and to then tailor his lessons to each individual student to provide both a fun and educational lesson. He will adjust his speed to his students’ appropriate level of understanding while still pushing for improvement.


He hopes that students will enjoy learning English by studying through their interests. Some of his interests include sports, reading, writing, hiking and travelling. He also enjoys meeting new people and travelling to
new places.

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lisaTeacher Lisa:

Lisa lives in Baltimore, Maryland, which is one hour north of Washington, D.C. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland and her Master’s in Education from the University of Richmond. She has her teaching license in ESOL (English to speakers of other languages,) and has taught people English since 2004. In addition to working with Ecom, she teaches English to professionals from the Middle East and refugees in Baltimore.

Lisa wants students to talk as much as possible during their lessons. She writes detailed notes throughout her lessons and explains grammar as needed. For example:

  • Also, Russia WOULD like to be friends with the Middle East‏
  • X – there is lots of bacteria   O – there ARE lots of bacteria‏   (bacteria is plural; bacterium is singular)
  • X – Are there somebody else?    O – Are there OTHER PEOPLE?


Lisa is also a very detailed editor.  She had edited all types of documents from college entrance essays to complex medical research papers. She is a warm teacher who works hard to help her students. During lessons, Lisa enjoys conversations about current events including politics and economics. She enjoys hearing about movies and people’s interests.

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jennifer1Teacher Jennifer:

Jennifer resides in Orange County, California with her family.
Jennifer has been teaching English as a second language for 12 years working with students from all over the world. She has been working predominately with Japanese students of all levels and backgrounds for the past six years. Jennifer has been working with E-Com since 2010 teaching business English, conversational English, TOEFL Test preparation, accent reduction and survival English needed for students planning to live and work overseas.   Her lessons are created with her students’ goals and interests as a first priority.  She gives her students the confidence they need to communicate effectively in English and strives to make her lessons productive as well as fun.

BS – Business Administration/Marketing
M.Ed. – Education
TESOL Certification
Currently working on a second Masters degree in ESL Curriculum and Design.
She enjoys travel, running, reading the news and watching movies.

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shaynaTeacher Shayna:

Shayna was born in Toronto, Canada, and currently lives in Japan.  She has a degree in English and Classics from the University of Toronto, and is a certified TEFL and TESOL instructor.  Shayna has been helping students with their language goals for over 5 years, both in Canada and overseas.  She has worked as a language teacher for the Canadian government immigration program, and has taught at a private language school and a university in Japan, as well as online for the last 2 years.  She has worked with students from many different cultural backgrounds, of all ages and language levels, and has helped students meet university entrance requirements, prepare for job interviews and important presentations, and accomplish higher TOEIC and TOEFL scores.  Shayna is able to help with any language skill (speaking, grammar, writing, etc.), and makes it her first priority to build her lessons around the individual goals and interests of her students.

Shayna has been very passionate about English from a young age, and greatly enjoys sharing that interest with students from a variety of professional, social and cultural backgrounds.  Students have described her as friendly, sincere, attentive, and hard-working, and her notes and feedback and clear and thorough.  Shayna wishes to achieve a Masters of Education in the near future, and to continue her own study of Japanese.  Though she misses her family and dogs back in Canada, she’s very happy and excited to be back in Japan at the moment!  Shayna’s interests and hobbies include movies, music, Martial Arts (Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Thai Boxing and Wrestling), nature and animals, kabuki, and Western theatre.

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tanjaTeacher Tanja:

Tanja is from Germany and was raised in an English and German speaking household. She currently lives in the United States, where she has completed her Master’s in Applied Linguistics and is now pursuing her PhD in Education. Tanja has been teaching ESL and German for five years and has been working with students from a number of different cultures. She has been helping students prepare for the TOEFL exam and improve their medical English, business English, and achieving their teaching certification. She supports these students in giving successful presentations in English, working on pronunciation and fluency, as well as comfortably conversing about a variety of topics. She believes in the importance of motivation, confidence, and enjoyment in language learning.


Tanja is interested in a variety of instructional models and ways to engage students. She views English as a gateway to communicate across cultures and enjoys learning through teaching. Her hobbies include reading, yoga, and writing poetry.

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darrenTeacher Darren:

Darren is
an Englishman who spent most of his career within the UK, however now lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His career prior to teaching was within Business Management and Coaching,
working in the telecoms and retail sectors for international companies. More recently Darren has gained his CELTA qualification, and has been able to use his business experience to support students in conversational English, Business English or work towards formal qualifications. This balance of discussing real life experiences and teaching has proven to be very successful.
Darren has travelled extensively and loves the challenge of a new adventure, exploring new countries not just for their tourist destinations but to understand their culture and way of life.


Darren will research the content of the lesson to ensure it is relevant to the student, and therefore be engaging and promote a discussion which will support the needs of the student. This gives students confidence in the use of English, which they can use in real life situations.

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anaTeacher Ana:

Although she was born in Spain and is a native speaker of Spanish, she has studied English since the age of six and has been teaching English for almost a decade. She studied English Linguistics and Literature at University and completed her education with teacher training in the United States. She has lived in the US and England for several years, which helped improve her English teaching skills. Since she is bilingual, she is able to understand the difficulties of learning English as a second language – as she has experienced them herself. She has experience teaching English to children, teenagers and adults.


Her lessons are focused on communication and she tries to make them dynamic and fun. For her, there is no better way to keep learning than teaching.

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