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Good day! This is Julia with Ecom. How is everyone doing?
Did you know that our language school is not just offering language classes, but also provides other learning materials like on our Youtube channel? Recently Ecom is also working on another studying material, which is totally for free for all language learners.

Do you remember studying another language doing your school days? My days are quite a while ago, but I still can feel the difficulties memorizing the great amount of vocabulary every week. Preparing handy memory cards, so I can study during train rides, took ages. Of course memory cards are important for studying, however they were pretty time consuming.
Based on this kind of experience, Ecom decided to prepare a free memory card program for our students as well as all languages learners in Japan and all over Japan.

Ecom memory is based on our believe, that a language is easily learned by just using the language you are aiming for. If you want to study English, English should be the language of your studies. But it is quite difficult to achieve new vocabulary skills with just using monolingual tools. That is why we prepared a computer program which works with just pictures and the new word of your target language. The whole vocabulary is based on the level of the students, preparing them for different kind of language examination. We divided the vocabulary in CEFL, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS. Also students can choose the topic they want to improve their vocabulary knowledge in. (Just one group can be checked at once. So you need to decide if you want to study for language examination OR a certain topic.)
Are you interested in our Ecom memory? Please check out our English Memory:




Our website is still in Japanese, but we are planning to introduce an English version soon as well.
Step 1) You can choose the language exam you want to study OR choose your topic you are interested in.
Step 2) Instead of level and topic, you can also study just verbs, nouns or adjectives.
Step 3) Click on the green button to start the memory.
If there is an error message, please check your choice. You just can chose one of the given selection criteria.

Please feel free to use our memory game to your students or to use during your class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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