S.O.S Guide- What to do if Skype doesn’t work?




Good day, everyone!

This is Julia from Ecom. How are you doing?
As you know, Skype is the most important tool for lessons with Ecom.
Unfortunatly although it’s a  high quality, easy to use programm, there are some days when Skype just don’t want to work.
It might be your Skype, or it might be the Skype of your students. In either way, it is impossible to have lessons when one of the participants Skype doesn’t work.

We ask our teachers to check their Skype before the lesson starts. Please check the settings, including sound quality and video quality. Is your camera connected? Is your mics volume high enough? Usually those are the most common problems why a Skype call fails.

However, there are some problems that are hard to solve- Even if you checked the settings, sometimes the call just don’t go through or the call is just cut off.
In this case, you can contact our team for help.  But what to do if you cannot get hold of one of our team members, due to time differences? We recommend the following methods:



1) Online Skype
If your downloaded Skype, or the Skype of your students don’t work, you can use the online version.
This one works even if your Skype on PC doesn’t work. All you need is your Skype ID.
Even if your partner keeps using the normal Skype, you can use the web-version in case of trouble.

2) Hangout
Another method we can recommend is  hangout.
All you need is an e-mail adress. As you open the site, you register with an e-mail adress of your choice.
Afterwards you can open a new chat room and name it. After naming the “classroom”, you need to send the classroom link to your student. Your student needs to register with en e-mail adress as well.
You can use voice message as well a video, which is what we need for lesson with Ecom.

So if you have some technical problems, you can use one of those above mentioned methods. However those are just to be used in case of trouble, not on a regular basis.

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us at any time.



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