Motivation is the key! Tips for keeping it high? (Part 1/3) 2

Hello everyone!


The weather is getting warmer everyday here in Tokyo, fortunately!

Time to get motivated! And to motivate your students.
This time I’ld like to share with you a few tips about keeping your students motivated!

Those are just some considerations I’ve collected while working with fellow teachers. I’m sure you’ll have yours to add to the list, I’ld love to hear what you think of those ones, and to hear about yours as well. 🙂


  • Speak with a loud and clear voice.



… But don’t yell, of course 🙂 ! speaking with a loud voice includes articulating, enunciating clearl, showing your student you know exactly what you talk about and and making sure you’re being understood. It is the first and maybe most important step of your lesson. Speaking loud and clear will keep your student attentive.

People confident about their argumentation will tend to speak clearly, and teachers must transmit that feeling of confidence with their students.

Make sure you articulate ever single word you say. Don’t forget it is not their mother tongue and the mere action of listening to you might already be a challenge for them. Show your confidence as a teacher, make your pronunciation is the easiest to get for them and motivate them by the tone of your voice and the rhythm of your sentences!



  • If you don’t know, you can say it, clearly!



That’s okay not to know :). Even if you’re a teacher you’re not supposed to know every single thing. But if you don’t know do not hesitate, don’t stutter or don’t give fake explanations. A good way to get out of that is to ask your student their opinion, and to give yours. Try to give an argument to justify your opinion, give a little something you know and that your student might wanna know about. The question can remain unresolved but your job is to teach your student how they can find the answer or try to apprehend it the way a native would do.



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