Why Choose Ecom?


Ecom is one of Japan’s most reputable online language schools and is well known for the high quality learning experience that we provide. We offer experienced teachers, comprehensive support, flexibility and a variety of technologies to enhance the learning experience of our students.

See below to find out why our students love studying with us.

Why our students love studying with us

02-2Experienced Teachers

We constantly receive positive comments from students about the our teachers. Ecom teachers are experienced professionals that have a wealth of knowledge about Japan and the Japanese language. Most of our teachers have also spent time living abroad and are proficient in multiple languages, meaning that they know how to teach you most effectively.


Excellent Supportcharacter01

Ecom operates an office in Tokyo 7 days a week to provide prompt and helpful support to our customers. All members of our support team are multilingual and can provide support not only in English and Japanese, but also in other languages such as German and French. We also provide real time technical support for students via Skype chat.


Unique Teaching Methods

We make use of the latest technologies to provide our students with a first class learning experience. We use Skype to facilitate lessons, and make use of Skype’s chat function to provide real time feedback. We even have our own online software that allows students and teachers to view materials such as textbooks in real time.

We are always looking for new ways to enrich our services and are planning on introducing exciting new services for our students in the near future.

About Ecom Students

Ecom is well known in Japan for the high quality of the services that we provide. This, combined with the flexibility of being able to study whenever, wherever you want has led us to become one of Japan’s most popular online language schools for business professionals.

Why do business professionals choose to study with Ecom?

  • Many of our teachers specialize in Business Japanese and can teach polite language and business phrases that are essential to succeed in the Japanese business world.
  • Our teachers have first hand experience in the Japanese business world and can share with you extensive cultural information about Japan’s unique business culture.
  • Whilst lesson availability times differ depending on the teacher’s schedule, lessons are possible 24/7 and business people often have lessons in the late evening/early morning. The ability to change your schedule yourself on our online portal means that you can choose to have lessons at times that are convenient for you.


Ecom’s unique online learning system makes learning enjoyable and effective. As well as regular Skype lessons with native speakers, homework and digital textbook uploads are used to enhance the learning experience.

The flexible nature of our one on one lessons means that we can tailor lessons to suit your personal goals.

We also have teachers who specialize in preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and can help you study for all levels from N5 to N1.

We also offer classes for students with no knowledge of Japanese whatsoever. 

Many of our teachers have lived overseas and are bilingual, allowing them to answer your questions and concerns in English until you have sufficient Japanese to understand explanations in Japanese.

Our lessons are designed around your goals. It is possible to learn writing systems and grammar from a textbook, or to start with conversation practice or even a bit of both.

What makes Ecom different

Study with one of Japan’s largest online language schools

Ecom has been operating for the last nine years and is well known in Japan for providing high quality services to our students.

As a result of this, we are particularly popular with business professionals who are looking learn another language. We have experience teaching all types of students, from children to adults.

Furthermore, Ecom teaches over 20 different languages other than Japanese including English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and Portuguese.

Our students have full access to other languages as well as Japanese through our online portal and are free to use their points across different languages. (Most of our language websites remain in Japanese, however we can provide support and introduce you to teachers in English)


Knowledgable, Professional Teachers



Our teachers are native Japanese speakers, most of whom are multilingual and have taught Japanese overseas.

Our support staff are from a variety of different backgrounds and are able to provide support in a number of languages.

All of our teachers and staff have wide knowledge about Japan and Japanese culture and are keen to share this knowledge with you.