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Laura – Ecom Japanese Student

Why did you decide to start learning Japanese online?

I’ve been living in Japan for a while now and wanted to a way practice and learn more everyday Japanese. I currently live in a small village near Mt. Fuji and there aren’t many places to study Japanese around here. Studying online suits me very well as it allows me to study from the comfort of my home, at times that are convenient for me.

What kind of Japanese did you want to focus on?

I wanted to learn everyday conversational Japanese to make my life in Japan easier.

How long have you been taking lessons so far?

I’ve been studying with Ecom Japanese since the service started. It’s been a few months now.

How do you like your teacher?

I have lessons with both Mayuko and Keiko sensei. I enjoy their lessons very much and find them both to be experienced, friendly and fun teachers.

How often/for what duration are you taking lessons?

I usually have 30 minute lessons once or twice a week. Because Ecom is very flexible, I can have longer or more frequent lessons when I have extra time or want to study more.

How do you usually spend the lessons? What sorts of things do you learn?

We usually have a conversation in Japanese at the beginning about current topics/our weekends etc. We then move to the textbook and study reading and grammar with the Ecom Classroom system. At the end of the lesson, my teacher goes over any corrections or suggestions that they have and sets some homework for next time. The homework allows me to put what i’ve learnt in the lesson into practice by writing sentences or a short article. This also allows me to practice using Kanji.

How are you finding the textbooks?

The textbook that I am using is helpful as it teaches me phrases that I can use in my everyday life, as well as grammar and Kanji. My teacher and I study the textbook through the Ecom classroom software. I am looking forward to using the new textbooks that Ecom has recently introduced.

What do you enjoy most about your lessons?

I particularly enjoy the conversations that I have with my teacher. Not only are they interesting and fun, but they allow me to put into practice new grammar/phrases and practice speaking.

Have you noticed an improvement already?

There were a number of mistakes that I was habitually making during conversations. My teachers were very helpful in correcting these and I now no longer make these mistakes. My Kanji is also improving thanks to the textbook study and homework.

What do you like most about the system of Ecom Japanese?

I am happy with all aspects of the system, but if I had to choose one, it would be the flexibility! I love the ability to have a lesson whenever, wherever and for as long as I want.

Do you plan to continue studying Japanese with Ecom?

Of course!

Do you have any advice for students considering enrolling with Ecom Japanese?

It can be quite daunting if you have never had a lesson online before. But I recommend that you just go for it and give it a try – it’s really enjoyable and lesson time flies by.

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