Our Team


Mr. Katsu Narita Company Founder

Studied politics at Keio University in Tokyo. After graduating, he worked for a consulting company with a focus on foreign capital. He left this job after some time to travel the world and pursue his passion for dance. During this time, he became interested in language learning and after a year of preparation, returned to Tokyo and founded E Communication in 2005.

Mr. Narita is very keen to travel to Australia and see the Tasmanian King Crab.

He speaks Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.



Olfa is French, with Tunisian roots. She is Ecom’s resident artist and manages image processing, YouTube and blogs.

She worked in Paris before moving to Japan to obtain her Master’s degree. She has excellent language skills and is highly knowledgable about culture.

Olfa speaks fluent French, Arabic, English, Japanese and Spanish.



Kosei is currently a student of Waseda University.

He is a blog editor and assists with English-Japanese translation.

He speaks English and Japanese and enjoys playing Soccer in his free time.



Julia is German and studied Japanese Studies at the University of Leipzig.

Julia spent two years living in Japan during university and taught German with Ecom.

She currently coordinates teacher and student support services at Ecom in Tokyo.

Julia speaks German, English and Japanese.



Shunpei is the youngest member of our team and manages Ecom online portals such as YouTube and our digital textbooks.

He has a passion for computers and unique Japanese fashion.

He speaks English and Japanese.



Max is from Sydney, Australia and has studied Japanese from a young age.

He assists with Japanese-English translation and writes blogs for the English Ecom website. He also provides support for Australian customers of Ecom Japanese.

He speaks English and Japanese.