Learning Materials

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At Ecom, we make use of a variety of learning materials to give students a first class learning experience. We make use of;

  • Skype Video Calls for high quality audio/video
  • Skype Chat for real time feedback during lessons
  • Ecom Online for viewing textbooks in real time with the teacher
  • MyEcom online portal for lesson notes, scheduling and blogs

See below for more information about the textbooks that we use.


Textbooks we use


Learn with Manga: A Usage guide for 100 Advanced Japanese Expressions

Level: Advanced N1-N3

This textbook explores advanced Japanese grammar in an entertaining and enjoyable way – through manga! Each lesson focuses on a new phrase or grammar structure, explained through manga. It then gives a structure for a conversation and has a section at the end of the level where you can practice making sentences with what you’ve learnt.

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Nihongo Fun and Easy: Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners

Level: Beginner 

This textbook is a highly practical guide to conversational Japanese. It’s perfect for someone with no prior experience in Japanese who would like to learn some phrases for a business trip or holiday, or even for someone planning to move to Japan. It also introduces aspects of Japanese culture and life in a Japanese city. Instructions are written in both English and Japanese and it even includes Romaji – perfect for someone who has not studied Hiragana or Katakana yet.

Doraemon no Dokodemo Nihongo

Level: Advanced

This textbook allows you to study with one of Japan’s most loved cartoon characters, Doraemon! It is an advanced level textbook that teaches practical Japanese words/phrases that you would use living in Japan. It is particularly suited to prospective exchange students, but would be useful for anyone wanting to learn practical Japanese. It includes fun manga illustrations, along with interesting conversations and lots of real life materials like signs and brochures.


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Try! Japanese Language Proficiency Test

N5 N4 N3 N2 N1

Level: Beginner (N5) to Upper Advanced (N1)

This textbook is perfect for those studying for the Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT). Each textbook is specially designed for students studying for that particular level and includes not only examples of the test structure, but also fun and enjoyable exercises that teach you new grammar through role plays, stories and cartoons. The textbook is mainly in Japanese but also uses English explanations for difficult new grammar points. It provides the perfect preparation for the JLPT test.

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Nihongo Keigo Training

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This textbook is recommended for students who want to focus on Japanese polite honorific language, ‘Keigo’. Whilst Keigo is very useful for all people living in Japan, it is particularly important for business people as Keigo is a very important part of Japanese business culture. The textbook explores honorific language through situations such as business meetings or calling a client. It also explains the meaning behind the use of Keigo and gives you the opportunity to practice through conversations and role play.


 Human Japanese  – 90 Days of Japanese Language

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This series is suitable for someone who has already learned hiragana and katakana and is eager to start learning phrases and grammar. The book makes use of easy to understand illustrations and fun exercises to supplement your learning.


An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

Level: Intermediate

This textbook is designed for intermediate students and introduces more difficult content such as articles. It is also introduces aspects of Japanese culture and includes fun activities such as role plays and culture discussions.

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